Chatbot- Short for Chat RoBot is basically a computer program which engages a consumer for a conversation through auditory or textual means. Chat Bots are designed to interact with human beings and facilitate the business services. Chat bots developed so far are used for typical purposes and have limited ability to converse and not for the entire range of human communication.

Concept of Chatbot was first discussed and published by Alan Turing in his path-breaking book “Computing Machinery and Intelligence”. Joseph Weizenbaum’s ELIZA was the earliest chatbot setup as early as 1966. ELIZA's modulus of operandi involved recognition of cue words or phrases in the input, and output of corresponding pre-programmed responses that can move the conversation forward in an apparently meaningful way.

Artificial Linguistic Computer Entity or ALICE, is an open source, natural language chatbot that depends on artificial intelligence for human interaction. Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML), now a XML specified for programming chatbots, was used to program ALICE. AIML allows non-programmers with basic HTML experience create customized chatbots with unique personalities and area of expertise.

We are presently working on a chatbot by name "MolTol" Bot specific to e-commerce domain.


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