Business Transformation Program

Business Transformation

The business transformation refers to a paradigm shift in an organisation's principles, practices and processes. Business transformations are fierce and drastic changes an organisation must make to break the gradual growth cycle and accelerate. It is an essential trait of successful firms to be generation-relevant and abreast with tech trends.

Indeed 21st century is the tech age. Advancements in information technology, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning have ushered in a new era of processes and practices. A business will deliver more value by adapting to technology and methods.

One of the principal enablers of the 21st century is Agile development practice. Agile revolutionised the software industry's approach since its inception in 2001. Agile facilitated firms to deliver value to their customers by releasing shippable software iteratively and incrementally. Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland advocated maximising value through product ownership with the Scrum framework
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Product leadership &
Maximising Value

The product leader (referred to as Product Owner) is defined as the value maximiser in the Scrum framework. The product owner sole focus is on delivering value to the users and customers. The product owner prioritises the product backlog, validates assumptions by constant discussions with external stakeholders, internal stakeholders and users, and communicates the functional specs, non-functional specs and value proposition with the development team. By doing so, a product owner delivers maximum value often and early.

Product leaders are the critical enablers of the business transformation of organisations. By owning the vital aspect of value delivery, They act as the fulcrum of the organisation. By interacting with Internal, external stakeholders and users, they assess business positions, acquire market understanding and pivot the product accordingly.

We consult with businesses to adopt an agile methodology and Scrum framework. Our team of certified agilists help business transition to agile development. We draft product backlogs items (initiatives, epics and user stories) and arrange product backlogs by adding value points and story points and a bang-for-the-buck (BATB) score, plan sprints and facilitate validated learning.

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Product Leadership

tech innovation

Tech Innovation to Scale

A business can achieve better ROI by having a better technology adaption. To illustrate, a business application with 99.9% uptime will deliver better value than a business application with 96% uptime. Tech-entrepreneurs around the globe have set benchmarks on technology usable.

A business application must be highly available and highly reliable. To achieve this traditional physical server approach is inaccurate and costly. By hosting the application on a cloud server, the business can maximise concurrent request deliveries.

We consult with businesses in cloud computing and DevOps practices. We assist companies in building cloud architecture best suited to provide over 99.999% uptime consistently across peak and drop.

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