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ObiiBot is a simple, intuitive, scriptable bot-building platform that lets users build dynamic conversational chatbots with minimum effort and technical skills.

The essence of ObiiBot is to assist SMEs to harness the power of dynamic conversations on their websites and applications without having to invest heavily in technology or infrastructure. ObiiBot requires no technical expertise, platform experience or domain specialisation.

ObiiBot powers SMEs to acquire customers, handle customer care queries and other simple and repetitive tasks; This saves SMEs time and money.

ObiiBot bot builder is built with a fundamental objective - simple is better. Bot builder has over 20 helper components with a drag and drop interface that lets users make chatbots that can have intuitive conversations with visitors. Although the bot is inherently non-AI, it has enough helper components intuitiveness to build a chatbot that can drive critical conversational decisions based on user input.

As an added benefit, the bot builder has extended value-added components like an OTP generator to verify Phone numbers and Email IDs, an email campaign studio, an API integrator, Google calendar linked Appointment manager.
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ObiiBot Chatbot Builder

High-level USPs of ObiiBot

1. Building Bot requires NO technical expertise, platform experience or domain specialisation.

2. Drag and Drop Interface to build chatbots.

3. Choose from over 100 ready-made templates.

4. Copy-paste a code snippet to activate the chatbot instantly.

5. Choose over 20 components to create the bot conversation.

6. Get OTP validated user email ID and phone number.

7. Instant lead feature - sends an SMS when a hot lead is generated.

8. Features built exclusively for woocommerce, Magento, Shopify and other popular eCommerce CMS.

9. Bot builder supports over 43 Languages.

10. Get conversation data into google spreadsheets or download CSV.

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