Mean stack and Full stack – the past, present, and future of technology spectrum

Bhaskar Chakravorthy 11 Fri 2017 07:02
Mean stack and Full stack – the past, present, and future of technology spectrum

With the rapid growth of industrialization and modern technology making progress in the world market, a new technology spectrum has emerged that has been giving a complete guide to the start-ups. In this context, India is not far behind in infusing latest technologies into the Indian start-up ecosystem. This has lead to rapid growth in occupation and outsourcing, which is ultimately making the Indian market better than ever before.

Future of technology spectrum

Well, the technology market is having a boom, and this is the present scenario of the Indian startup ecosystem, but is this future! Is our tomorrow secured? To answer this question, yes future of our next generation is secured with the mean stack and full stack that provides different functions, but the aim is same; growth of startup business and conquering the world.

What is mean and full stack?

This two process are the future; these are going to be the technology spectrum of tomorrow because they are distinctively able enough to lead a start-up business to the zenith of success. Where as if combines then the rate of achievement, as well as the opportunity for the creation of job, get aggravated to a new high. Mean stack is the process where the JavaScript is the angular of your website, and you need a database with the backend, easily understandable language for the node. On the other hand, the full stack does not only include mean stack process. Additionally, there is data modelling, fronted design pattern creation and various other functions that look over the complete performance of a start-up.

Additional Technology spectrum

Some of the additional technology spectrum for tomorrow is listed below.

·         JavaScript ES6

·         MongoDB

·         Laravel – PHP Framework

·         AngularJS 1.5

Be it present or the future, coupled with the vast number of advanced technology, our future is secured, and steady growth of the economy is also safeguarded. 

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