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Demystifying Web

Obii Kriationz Web LLP specialises in designing, developing and deploying web applications. Digital Adoption is the keyword for all businesses to stay relevant in this digital age. Companies need professional consulting and management to break down their requirement and build digital assets from the ground up, and this falls right into the sweet spot of Obii Kriationz Web LLP. We pride ourselves on being one of the best web development companies in Bangalore.

We all know, Web development companies adopt a three-stage process for rolling out world-class websites and Web applications on the internet: designing, developing, and deploying. The ultimate goal is to understand the client's requirements and provide an apt solution through a web application.

The front-end programming, also referred to as user-side programming, is built on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The modern approach usually has a JavaScript framework and other front-end stacks to add jazz to the web applications. Popular frameworks are Jquery, Angular Js, Vue Js, React JS, Backbone Js, etc.

Back-end programming, also referred to as server-side programming, is built using server-side scripts such as PHP, Python, Asp.Net, Java, RoR, NodeJs etc. An advancement in back-end programming is the frameworks - laravel, Symfony (PHP), Django, Flask (Python), and Spring (Java) are some popular frameworks. Frameworks are based on Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, separating business logic from the user interface. Frameworks streamline Web development, help avoid repetitive coding and allow rapid yet stable growth.

The final facet of web application development is remote server deployment. Businesses used to deploy applications on physical servers, but the Cloud has revolutionised the deployment approach. With most firms adopting DevOps principles, web development companies have become agile, rapid and gratifying.

Custom Web Development

We specialise in building Custom or Bespoke web applications for start-ups, scale-ups and businesses. We work closely with our clients to ideate, research, plan, sketch wireframes, create UX/UI, build prototypes, develop, perform quality checks, and deploy and maintain web applications. Our expertise in cloud architecture development and deployment is an added benefit. We provide custom development in tech-stacks such as LaravelPHP - MySQL - VueJs, Symfony - Postgresql - VueJs, MongoDB-Express-Angular-Node (MEAN), MongoDB-Express-React-Node (MERN), Django-React.

CMS Solution

Our expertise in CMS spans WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. We have previously built custom themes, components and plugins for these systems. We also have expertise in ensuring that the applications built using these systems have the necessary enterprise-level security to avoid trojan and malicious-content injections. Along with popular CMS systems, We also provide an option with our in-house lightweight CMS product built on the Laravel framework.

E-commerce Solution

We have expertise in WooCommerce, Magento and Shopify. We have built custom themes and components for these systems. Along with popular e-commerce solutions, we provide an option with our in-house lightweight e-commerce product built on the laravel framework.

MicroServices and APIs

MicroService is an essential concept of DevOps. Microservice is an architecture style that structures an application as a collection of more minor services. We specialise in breaking down an extensive, monolith application into smaller microservices and implementing Function-as-a-service (FaaS). API development is critical for a business to develop multi-platform applications. We specialise in REST APIs, JSON-RPC, XML-RPC, SOAP and WSDL.

What makes us the best

Web Development Company in Bangalore?

Web development is a detailed process with numerous facets. While it takes a solid technical team to develop a world-class application, a product management team must provide critical business insights and manage the product life cycle. Numerous firms in Bangalore offer one or both of these services, but only a few offer both. We are one of those select few firms. As a result, having a web development company that provides product management services adds significant value.

1. Think like a client:By being a professional product-life-cycle-management firm, we visualise the product in its entirety instead of the briefs we receive from our client. We think like them, which gives our clients an additional team of product managers.

2. Excavate and Assimilate: Our clients can rely upon us to do market research and generate sizable insights into the product they intend to build; we scoop the market and provide insights.

3. User Persona Development: Our clients can rely upon us to develop user personas - the process of segmenting the target audience by likes, dislikes, behaviour and more - An essential aspect of Web application development.

4. Build for the audience:We build wireframes based on the user personas developed and iterate, working closely with our client to create mock-ups and prototypes for the target audience.

5. Agile Development Practice: We become product owners for our clients during Web development. We maintain product backlogs and prioritise and deliver value at the end of each sprint.

Our Development Practice



During our meetings with our clients, we learn about the problem they are trying to solve through web application development. Then, we collaborate with them to conduct additional research and develop a solid problem statement.


After we have arrived at the problem statement, we put our thinking caps on and begin to brainstorm. We conceive of various solution scenarios and consider how they might affect our clients' business objectives.


Wireframing is done after the 'out-of-the-box' solution has been frozen. Next, these wireframes are sent to the client for approval, after which our experts in user experience and user interface design take over and produce mock-ups. Once the mock-ups have been agreed upon, the construction of a working prototype can begin.


We develop enterprise-level applications per agile principles, with the value being delivered incrementally and iteratively. Each increment undergoes a rigorous testing process that includes smoke, regressive, stress, and load testing. In addition, clients can run A/B tests at the end of each sprint thanks to continuous integration and deployment on staging servers, which are both automated.


We set up a production environment and deploy the application on it based on the information provided by the client, among other things. For example, based on the specifications provided by the clients, such as expected throughput, expected requests per second (RPS) during peak traffic, expected peak response time (PRT), and the expected average response time (ART). So on, the production environment is set up to meet those requirements.


Immediately after the deployment, we perform a smoke test to ensure that the application remains stable. We also continuously monitor the application for redundancy, inconsistency, and stress.
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Our Value Proposition

We bring over a decade of knowledge building bespoke/custom web applications, content management systems, eCommerce applications and cloud computing. We have worked with large, medium, small and micro-enterprises, delivering value at a reasonable cost.

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