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Offshore Development Centre

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Dedicated Offshore development centre
in India .

At Obii Kriationz, we take pride in our offshore development centre services, exemplifying our unwavering dedication to top-tier software development. Nestled in the vibrant tech landscape of Bangalore, India, our offshore development centre serves as a strategic hub for businesses seeking efficient, cost-effective, and scalable IT solutions.

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Why Dedicated Offshore
development centre
in India is a great idea?

An Offshore Development centre is a strategic partnership model where organizations establish a dedicated remote team with an offshore service provider, such as Obii Kriationz. This model allows businesses to extend their development capabilities and tap into a diverse talent pool while reducing costs and optimizing resource allocation.

An Offshore Development centre (ODC) is a dedicated remote facility or team established by an organization in a different country or location to handle specific software development projects or provide ongoing development and support services. It serves as an extension of the client's in-house development team, providing a collaborative and cost-effective approach to software development.

An ODC comprises a dedicated team of software developers, designers, testers, project managers, and other professionals who work exclusively on the client's projects. This team is handpicked and tailored to meet the specific needs of the client's software development requirements.

ODCs enable seamless remote collaboration between the client's in-house team and the offshore team. Communication and project management tools, such as video conferencing, project management software, and messaging platforms, facilitate real-time collaboration, ensuring effective coordination and alignment of project goals.

ODCs consist of highly skilled professionals with expertise in various technologies, programming languages, and industry domains. This diverse talent pool allows clients to tap into specialized skills that may not be readily available in their local market, enabling them to tackle complex projects and leverage the latest industry trends.

ODCs provide the flexibility to scale the development team up or down based on project requirements. This scalability allows clients to adapt quickly to changing business needs, market demands, or project scope. Whether the need is for additional resources for a large-scale project or temporary support for a specific phase, an ODC can adjust to the evolving needs.

  • Cost Efficiency - India offers highly skilled tech professionals at a fraction of the cost compared to Western countries. This cost advantage allows businesses to allocate resources more efficiently, saving substantially on development expenses.
  • Skilled Talent Pool - India boasts a vast pool of IT talent with a strong focus on technical education. Offshore development centres can tap into this enormous talent pool, ensuring access to highly skilled professionals with diverse expertise.
  • Time Zone Advantage - India's time zone (GMT+5:30) enables seamless collaboration between offshore teams and onshore clients in Europe and North America. These overlapping work hours lead to quicker turnaround times and efficient communication.
  • Quality Assurance - Indian IT professionals are renowned for their commitment to quality. Rigorous quality control measures are often embedded in the development process, ensuring the delivery of top-notch software solutions.
  • English Proficiency - English is widely spoken and understood in India, making communication smooth and hassle-free. This linguistic advantage fosters effective collaboration between offshore and onshore teams.
  • Diverse Technology Expertise - Indian IT professionals are skilled in various technologies and programming languages, making them adaptable to multiple project requirements and technologies.
  • Infrastructure Readiness - India boasts a rapidly developing infrastructure that supports the IT industry. The country's infrastructure readiness ensures smooth operations for offshore development centres, from state-of-the-art technology parks to robust connectivity and data centres.
  • Scalability - Offshore development centres in India provide the flexibility to scale up or down as project requirements change. This adaptability ensures optimal resource utilization and efficient project management.
  • Cultural Compatibility - Indian professionals are known for their adaptability and cultural sensitivity. They quickly align with global clients' work culture and values, fostering a harmonious work environment.
  • Proven Track Record - India has a long-standing reputation for successful offshore software development partnerships. Many global giants have established offshore centres in India, further emphasizing its reliability as an outsourcing destination.

Our Offshore Development Services Models .


Fixed Price Model

The Fixed Price Model at Obii Kriationz Web LLP is designed to provide our clients with clarity, cost predictability, and a well-defined scope for their projects. With our transparent communication, commitment to quality, and adherence to timelines, we aim to deliver successful outcomes that meet our clients' expectations and contribute to their business growth.

At Obii Kriationz Web LLP, we understand that organizations have varying project requirements and budget constraints. To cater to those needs, we offer a Fixed Price Model as one of our engagement options. This model provides transparency, cost predictability, and a well-defined scope for our clients.

With the Fixed Price Model, we work closely with our clients to clearly define the project scope, deliverables, and objectives before initiating the development process. This ensures a shared understanding of the project requirements, minimizing potential ambiguities and scope creep.

One of the primary advantages of the Fixed Price Model is the cost predictability it offers. Based on the defined project scope, we provide a fixed price quote for the entire project. This gives our clients the assurance of a set budget and eliminates the risk of unexpected cost overruns.

Time-Based Model

The Time-Based Model at Obii Kriationz Web LLP provides clients with the flexibility, scalability, and transparency needed for projects with evolving requirements. By leveraging this model, clients can efficiently utilize resources, adapt to changing business needs, and achieve successful project outcomes. Our transparent communication, collaborative approach, and commitment to quality ensure that clients receive the utmost value and satisfaction from their development partnership with us.

At Obii Kriationz Web LLP, we offer a Time-Based Model as an engagement option for our clients. This model provides flexibility, scalability, and transparency in project development. With the Time-Based Model, clients are billed based on the number of hours dedicated to their project.

The Time-Based Model offers flexibility and scalability to accommodate evolving project requirements. As project needs change, clients can easily adjust the scope, scale up or down the team size, or introduce new features or functionalities. This flexibility allows for greater adaptability and responsiveness to changing business dynamics.

With the Time-Based Model, clients are billed for the actual time spent on the project. Detailed timesheets and reports are provided, giving clients full visibility into the hours worked by the development team. This transparent billing method ensures accountability and enables clients to have a clear understanding of project costs.

Dedicated Model

The Dedicated Model at Obii Kriationz Web LLP provides clients with a dedicated team of professionals, seamless collaboration, and a long-term partnership approach. By leveraging this model, clients gain a highly skilled and focused team, aligned with their business objectives, and dedicated to delivering exceptional results. Our transparent communication, flexibility, and commitment to quality ensure a successful and fruitful collaboration with our clients.

At Obii Kriationz Web LLP, we offer a Dedicated Model as a comprehensive solution for organizations seeking long-term and dedicated development services. This model provides clients with a dedicated team of professionals who work exclusively on their projects, ensuring a focused approach and seamless collaboration

In the Dedicated Model, clients have a dedicated team of skilled professionals who become an extension of their in-house team. This team is carefully selected based on the specific requirements of the client's project, ensuring the right skills and expertise are available to meet project goals.

The dedicated team works full-time on the client's project, offering undivided attention and focused efforts. This model allows for deep integration and collaboration, ensuring a deep understanding of the client's business objectives, processes, and project requirements.

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Why Offshore Development Centre is a profitable idea? .

In today's globally connected business landscape, establishing an Offshore Development Centre(ODC) has become a strategic move offering businesses many advantages. These centres grant access to a rich pool of skilled professionals, driving innovation and cost-efficiency. The cost savings realized through ODCs can be reinvested in vital areas, fueling growth and development. Moreover, ODCs enhance a company's agility and scalability, enabling rapid responses to market changes. In essence, ODCs are a powerful tool for companies seeking to harness global talent, streamline costs, and navigate the dynamic challenges of the modern business world.

Establishing an offshore development centre (ODC) has emerged as a compelling strategy for businesses aiming to thrive in today's fast-paced, globalized world. ODCs offer many advantages that make them an excellent idea for companies worldwide.

ODCs provide access to a vast talent pool teeming with skilled professionals. With the ability to handpick experts in various fields, businesses can ensure that their projects are executed by the best in the industry, often at a fraction of the cost compared to hiring locally. This diverse talent pool fosters innovation and the cross-pollination of ideas, fueling creativity and driving optimal results for complex projects.

ODCs offer unparalleled cost efficiency. Companies can significantly reduce expenses by outsourcing development tasks to countries with lower labour and operational costs. This financial advantage extends beyond labour costs; it encompasses savings on infrastructure, administrative overheads, and more. These cost savings can be reinvested into research, development, or other critical business areas.

ODCs enhance a company's agility and scalability. They allow businesses to scale their operations rapidly in response to market demands without the long lead times typically associated with hiring and training employees locally. This agility enables organizations to quickly adapt to changing market conditions and capitalize on emerging opportunities, ultimately fostering growth and competitiveness.

ODCs empower businesses with access to top-tier talent, cost-effective solutions, and the flexibility needed to thrive in today's ever-evolving business landscape, making them an excellent choice for those seeking sustainable success and innovation.

  • Cost Efficiency - ODCs provide significant cost savings by leveraging the competitive labor market in offshore locations, reducing operational expenses.
  • Access to Skilled Talent - These centres offer access to a vast pool of skilled professionals, including developers, designers, and engineers, helping businesses find the right expertise.
  • Scalability - ODCs allow for flexible team scaling, ensuring optimal resource utilization as project requirements evolve.
  • Time Zone Advantage - Working across different time zones enables round-the-clock productivity and faster project turnaround.
  • Risk Mitigation - Companies can distribute project risks by having an ODC, mitigating the impact of unforeseen challenges.
  • Focus on Core Competencies - ODCs enable organizations to focus on their core competencies while outsourcing non-core activities.
  • Quality Assurance - Rigorous quality standards are upheld, with professionals undergoing thorough screening and assessments.
  • Enhanced Project Control - Clients retain full control over project management and execution, benefiting from the added expertise.
  • Adaptability - ODC teams are well-versed in various methodologies and technologies, ensuring adaptability to unique project requirements.
  • Global Reach - ODCs facilitate global expansion by providing a local presence in target markets, aiding in international business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions .

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section on Offshore Development centre (ODC) services. We understand that you may have questions about the benefits, processes, and considerations involved in setting up an ODC. In this section, we aim to provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions to help you gain a clearer understanding of ODCs and how they can benefit your organization.

What is an Offshore Development centre (ODC)?

An Offshore Development centre is a dedicated remote facility or team established by an organization in a different country to handle specific software development projects or provide ongoing development and support services.

Why should I consider setting up an ODC?

Setting up an ODC offers several benefits, including access to a skilled global talent pool, cost optimization, scalability, specialized expertise, and the ability to focus on core competencies while delegating non-core activities to the offshore team.

How does Obii Kriationz Web LLP ensure the quality of ODC deliverables?

At Obii Kriationz Web LLP, we prioritize quality assurance throughout the development process. We follow established best practices, implement rigorous testing methodologies, conduct code reviews, and adhere to industry standards to deliver high-quality solutions that meet our clients' requirements.

Can I scale up or down the ODC team size as per my project needs?

Absolutely! Our ODC services offer flexibility and scalability. Whether you need to scale the team up for a large-scale project or downsize after project completion, we can quickly adjust the team size to align with your specific requirements.

How do you ensure effective communication and collaboration with the ODC team?

We prioritize transparent and open communication channels with our clients. We leverage collaboration tools, conduct regular progress updates, schedule virtual meetings, and maintain a dedicated point of contact to ensure seamless communication and effective collaboration throughout the project.

Is data security a concern when working with an ODC?

We understand the importance of data security. At Obii Kriationz Web LLP, we implement strict security measures, including access controls, data encryption, and non-disclosure agreements, to safeguard your sensitive information. Our infrastructure and processes adhere to industry best practices to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

How do you handle time zone differences between the client and the ODC?

We have experience working with clients from various time zones. Our teams are adept at managing time zone differences to ensure effective communication and collaboration. We schedule overlapping working hours, provide clear communication guidelines, and use collaboration tools to bridge the gap and maintain efficient workflow.

What services can I outsource to an ODC?

You can outsource a wide range of services to an ODC, including software development, web and mobile app development, quality assurance, digital marketing, IT support, and more. These centres can accommodate various business needs.

Where is Obii Kriationz's ODC located?

Our ODC is strategically located in India, specifically in Bangalore, known as the Silicon Valley of India. This location offers access to a large pool of skilled IT professionals and a thriving tech ecosystem.

What is the difference between an ODC and traditional outsourcing?

While both involve collaborating with external teams, an Offshore Development Centre is typically a more dedicated and long-term partnership. It operates as an extension of your organization, providing a seamless experience. Traditional outsourcing may involve one-off projects or services and may not have the same level of integration.

Are there any geographical or time zone challenges when working with your ODC?

Our ODC in Bangalore, India, is strategically located to minimize time zone differences and ensure effective communication. We work in shifts when necessary to align with your business hours and project requirements.

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