About Obii KriationZ Web LLP

For more than a decade, we've collaborated with technology dabblers, visionaries, and pioneers, aiding them in their pursuit of technology, excellence and empowerment by delivering quality software applications and surmounting their business hurdles .

We believe in the Right to Innovation and the Right to Excellence .

At Obii Kriationz, we don't just create digital solutions; we craft experiences that transform businesses and elevate brands. Obii Kriationz Web LLP was founded with a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence. Our journey began over 14 years in the dynamic tech hub of Bengaluru, India. Since then, we've been at the forefront of digital evolution, helping businesses across the globe harness the power of technology to thrive in an ever-changing landscape .

About Obii Kriationz Web LLP .

Obii Kriationz is a vibrant and 'kriative'(read creative) software development company headquartered in Bengaluru, India. We are dedicated to shaping the digital landscape through our cutting-edge solutions and services. With a strong foundation in technology, a passion for creativity, and a commitment to excellence, Obii Kriationz stands as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to harness the full potential of the digital realm. Our expertise spans a broad spectrum, including but not limited to Digital Product Development, software testing, product consultations, managed cloud services and Talent sourcing. At Obii Kriationz, we're not just developers but digital architects crafting solutions that drive growth, enhance user experiences, and empower businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving digital world.

At Obii Kriationz, we're more than just tech enthusiasts; we're the Obii-Wan Kenobis of the product development universe. Our mission is clear: to help our customers navigate the complexities of the digital galaxy with the precision and wisdom of a Jedi Master. Whether our customers want to conquer new markets or transform innovative ideas into digital realities, Obii Kriationz is THE trusted ally.

Obii Kriationz finds its refuge in the dynamic philosophies of Agile and Kaizen, which form the cornerstone of our work culture and approach to digital transformation. In Agile, we embrace flexibility and collaboration, allowing us to adapt swiftly to evolving project requirements and market dynamics. This iterative approach ensures our solutions align with customer expectations and market trends. Meanwhile, Kaizen represents our commitment to continuous improvement. It's ingrained in our DNA, fostering a culture of innovation and efficiency. Every day presents an opportunity to refine our processes, enhance our skills, and elevate the quality of our work.


The genesis of the word "Obii Kriationz" is a story of creativity and adaptability. When the desired domain "Creations.com" was already claimed, our Founder, Abhiram, recognized the need to infuse an innovative spirit into the brand. Thus, the term "Kriationz" was coined, reflecting a commitment to unconventional thinking and imaginative solutions. To complement this inventive spirit, the prefix "Obii," inspired by the iconic "Obi-Wan Kenobi" from Star Wars, was added.

This fusion of creativity and inspiration has defined our journey, shaping Obii Kriationz into a dynamic force in the world of technology and digital solutions.

Abhiram Chandramohan Obii kriationZ Web LLP

Abhiram Chandramohan .

Founder and Managing Partner
Abhiram's journey as an entrepreneur began with the founding of "Kriationz." Fueled by a desire to make a meaningful impact in the digital world, he established this creative hub, and it soon evolved Obii Kriationz Web LLP. Under his guidance, the company has flourished, earning a reputation for cutting-edge solutions and a customer-centric approach.

Abhiram's core competence lies in product management and ownership. He has spearheaded transformative projects, including developing a property tax collection portal for a state government, which annually collects over INR 1600 Million. His portfolio also includes managing and developing a robust CMS-CRM application for a leading player in the aviation industry, launching an MVP for a bike-rental startup that has since become the market leader, and successfully driving the tech launch of an ed-tech startup.

Abhiram is a champion agilist since 2016 and holds certifications in various Agile frameworks. His strength lies in unravelling complex problems, a skill honed through his journey as a first-generation entrepreneur. Abhiram Chandramohan, by his admission, is a problem solver with a mission to drive innovation and excellence in the digital landscape.

Our Values .


At Obii Kriationz, we recognize that every customer and project is unique. This understanding forms the cornerstone of our approach to business. Empathy is more than just a buzzword for us; it's a guiding principle.


Empowerment is about more than just giving our customers the tools they need to succeed; it's about instilling confidence and self-reliance. We believe in equipping our customers with the knowledge and capabilities to navigate the digital landscape independently.


Excellence is the standard we set for ourselves in everything we do. It's a commitment to delivering nothing less than the best. From the quality of our solutions to the depth of our customer service, excellence permeates every facet of Obii Kriationz.