Obii KriationZ Web LLP

"May the Force be
with you."

We, Obii KriationZ Web LLP, are a Bengaluru based product/application development firm specialising in Product life cycle management, DevOps, cloud computing and search engine campaigning.

Our competency stems from our hustle for over a decade in application development, intrapreneurship and of-course failures. This jostling taught as incredible, meaningful and life-changing lessons, and we use it in our business approach every day.

We turned lean and agile in 2016 when our second product failed. A postmortem showed us how adopting lean strategies and agile ways of business could have potentially changed the outcome. And ever since, we have become vocal advocates of the agile mindset and lean thinking.

Results are showing. Since we turned agilists, we have helped a state government-run city-governing organisation develop a property tax collection portal that collects over INR 1600 Million every year. We product managed and developed a CMS-CRM application for an aviation industry leader from Florida, United States of America. We designed an MVP for a bike-rental startup and recently product managed and built an ed-tech startup successfully into a launch.

We believe that an idea nurtured by experience can scale higher altitudes. We work with startups by enabling them to acquire fast-paced validated learning through MVP experiments, help them off the ground and scale.

We offer tech innovation in cloud computing and product leadership required to facilitate business transformation for SMEs.

At Obii Kriationz web LLP, we are a team of software professionals working to deliver better ROI for our clients and, in the process, bettering ourselves as programmers, product managers, growth hackers, and team players.


'Kriationz' word was coined because "" was already taken. Abhiram, our Founder, decided that it was time to be KRIATIVE and hence - "KRIATIONZ"

And, when ROC declined to give us KriationZ Web LLP for having a 'phonetically' common word, we decided to invoke and tag the wise old Obii-wan Kenobi.
Abhiram Chandramohan Obii kriationZ Web LLP

Abhiram Chandramohan

Founder and CEO

"My leverage lies in my ability to understand and solve the core of a problem because that is what my journey as a first-generation entrepreneur has prepared me for - Solving problems!" Reads Abhiram's Bio on LinkedIn.

Well and truly, Abhiram is a problem solver, a product leader at heart. Along with managing Obii kriationZ Web LLP, Abhiram has worked as a senior product manager for startups,scale-ups and enterprises. He is a PSPO, POPM certified professional and has been a vocal advocate of the agile for startups movement. He loves cricket, music and worships Quentin Tarantino!

12 years of existence

5 Core capabilities

6 Service Verticals

42 Products Delivered


We are motivated to maximise the value and purpose of the product through leadership and tech innovation.

We possess the ability to maximise the value of a product through thought leadership and expertise in technology.

We derive our sparks from visionary entrepreneurs, peers, thought and product leaders around the globe.