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Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is a ‘guerilla’ term for growth marketing. While large corporations and enterprises do growth marketing, start-ups and small firms do growth hacks. It is a marketing technic that uses few resources at a shoe-string budget to acquire, activate and retain users. “hacking” refers to life hacks, shortcuts that one takes to avoid complicated, time-consuming tasks. Growth hacking involves rapid experimentation, advertising efforts, product design decisions that quickly generates leads and converts them to sales.

Sean Ellis, founder and current chief executive of, first coined the term way back in 2010. He said in his blog -

“A growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth. Everything they do is scrutinised by its potential impact on scalable growth...”

A critical part of growth marketing is rapid experimentation. The idea behind rapid experimentation is to analyse various marketing channels for validity, adapt to what works and discard what doesn’t, accept or rule out and move on to the next thing—growth marketing concerns with one thing alone - growth.

In measuring growth, metrics play an essential part. All successful business measures growth through metrics, and all the business decisions are made on the insights these metrics provide. Metrics provide valuable data, present a clear picture, and contribute insights that can grow the business.

Some examples of common growth hacking technics are content marketing, viral marketing, steep discounts on products or services, social media marketing and influencer marketing.
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Our Value Proposition

Our expert growth marketers will set up the AARRR framework funnel suited for businesses. We will set up marketing channel validation experiments and identify the best-suited channels for growth hacking. Once identified, we will engage and build content, viral, social and influencer marketing solutions. A metrics dashboard to measure key metrics will be set up to measure growth KPIs.

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