Product Management Services

Product Management

Product management is key to building great products. Project management has elements of engineering, marketing, research and project management. Project management requires a rigorous focus on consistency to create a designed, engineered, branded, and marketed product.

Marty Cagan, the founding partner of Silicon Vallery Product group, aptly says, “The job of a product manager is to discover a product that is valuable, usable, and feasible”. Product management is an intersection between business, user experience and technology. The critical aspect of product management is to validate a product idea for being valuable, feasible, viable, and usable. To do so, defining key metrics and Key-performance indicators is very important.
Product Management Services

Our Value Proposition

We provide product management services to both start-ups and businesses—our team is led by Abhiram Chandramohan, a PSPO and POPM certified professional with experience in product envisioning, Market sizing and competitor analysis, User persona Development, Design and execute MVP, Prototyping, Instill agile mindset, setup campaigns for AAARR (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue)

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Product Management Service

Product Envisioning: We draft your first product pitch.

Market Sizing and Competitor Analysis: With a bottom-up approach, we analyse product competition and segregate them under direct, in-direct, potential and substitute competitors categories. We will provide quality insights into the product competitions on their user base, product features and useability, brand awareness and team. We will monitor your competitors and update you on funding, acquisition, and new product features.

Customer Discovery and User Persona Development: We will identify your potential customer base and develop typical user personas. We will set guidelines for customer discovery, validation, creation and building.

Design and Execute MVP Experiment: We will ideate, list assumptions, establish minimum criteria for success, plan and execute MVP experiments and create a metrics/KPIs dashboard.

Wireframing to Prototyping: We will design wireframes based on design thinking principles, develop them into mock-ups and produce working prototypes.

Instil Agile Mindset: we will analyse your team dynamics and establish the agile framework—set up Scrum way of product delivery, create and manage product backlogs, assign value and story points to product backlog items, conduct sprints and own the incremental product delivery.

Setup Customer Acquisition funnel: We will build customer awareness campaigns on popular marketing channels and build a customer acquisition funnel.

Build campaigns for customer activation: We will design specific customer activation campaigns to activate acquired customers.

Design customer retention campaigns: We will build customer retention activation campaigns to retain acquired customers.

Customer promotion Score Management: We will develop campaigns to ensure a high customer Net Promoter’s score.