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Product Prototyping

As the name suggests, startup acceleration is the process of expediting startup growth through hacks and techniques aimed at startups failing fast and succeeding faster.

It is natural for startup founders and startuppreneurs to assume that their idea is the next billion-dollar company in the making. With India churning out 42 unicorns in 2021, optimism in the air is palpable. But a true startup story is always realistic. It doesn't matter how great an idea sounds; it is worthless until validated.

What is validation, and why is it important?
In his book - "The lean startup", Eric Ries describes validated learning as "the unit of progress for lean startups". Meaning, a startup's accurate measure of growth is the response from the target audience.

Validation is the approach of testing the basic idea of a product or a service with the intended user group very early in the product development life cycle with minimum possible effort.

Customer validation provides genuine insights into the problem statement, whether or not the customer sees value in the proposition. Since this is done early in the development cycle, the startups can persist, pivot or stop
Product Prototyping Services

Our Value Proposition

We have built application prototypes for large, medium, small and micro-enterprises. Our product management and UX/UI expertise are perfect for creating product prototypes. We bring design thinking, agile and empirical mindset into product prototype development - validating our and businesses’ learning throughout.

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Prototyping Stages


Product Wireframe

Simply put, a wireframe is a hand-written, scribbled or app-drawn two-dimensional layout of a product that describes the critical interface components, layout structures, user journey, intended behaviour and high-level architecture.

Wireframing is a technique of drafting a high-level blueprint of product structure, layouts, functions culminating in mapping the user journey through the product. It is ideal for getting a high-level and basic understanding of how a business intends to implement its product vision.

Product Mock-up

Product Mock-up is a full-size model of the final look and feel of the product. Product Mock-up succeeds product wireframing. A Mock-up takes framework, design concepts, product structure, layouts, functions and adds content and design. Product mock-up is medium on the fidelity scale. Product mock-up establishes the content layout, colour schema, typography, spacing and overall user experience.

Product Prototype

A product prototype is a functional version of the product. It builds on the mock-up and integrates basic functionality such as page navigations, call-to-action buttons etc.

The product prototype has a semi-functional; front-end but still doesn’t have a backend to support all the functions.

The product prototype enables a business to reach a consensus on the product’s functionality among all its stakeholders.