User personas are stereotypes of users whose objectives and traits speak to the requirements of a broader user base. Persona summarises a user group's aims, behaviour patterns, skills, attitudes, background, and operating environment.

Imagine the user persona as a semi-fictional characterisation of a user who would use a software product.

Product managers/owners, Designers typically create user persona to generate insight into the user demography. Usually, the user persona is built as a template, including context-specific information and a few fictional personal details to give the persona a realistic character.

A user persona has three vital parts:    
User Definition - Who is the user, age range, sex, marital status, location, Buying behaviours, Skills, likes, dislikes and more.    
User Goals - An overview of the aim and aspirations of the user.    
User Pain Points - An overview of the problem/obstacle faced by the user in realising their aspirations - AKA - Their problem statements.

While developing ObiiBot - Cheapest, Intuitive, logic-based chatbot in the market - We built these User personas. With ObiiBot, we are trying to solve two critical problems for Micro, Small, and Medium Scaled businesses around the globe - Technology and Cost.   

User Persona Word Document


User Persona Name: Ravi Krishna   
Brief Bio: Ravi Krishna is a proprietor of a B&B company. Ravi is a passionate entrepreneur, and his business has a website. He maintains and manages his website all by himself. The website is an essential cog for Ravi's business. Ravi Krishna is a graduate and has a basic understanding of a website.    
Age Group: 35-50 Years    
Location: Bengaluru, India   
Gender: Male    
Marital Status: Married with 2 Kids    
1. Ravi Krishna has a Smartphone.    
2. Ravi Krishna is active on Facebook and Instagram.    
3. Ravi Krishna is an avid Whatsapp user.    
4. Ravi Krishna spends a lot of time watching Youtube videos.    
5. Ravi Krishna is vocal for locals.     
6. Ravi Krishna makes online purchases through e-commerce stores.

1. Ravi Krishna intends to engage his website visitors and potentially get their contact details without having to hire an executive.    
2. Ravi Krishna aims to provide simple, inexpensive customer service to his customers.

Pain Points:    
1. Ravi Krishna has significant traffic on his website, thanks to his offline efforts. But he is unable to engage them as hiring a customer experience executive is expensive. (Must)    
2. Ravi Krishna is severely understaffed and finds customer support hard. (Should)    
3. Ravi Krishna wants to ask customers for feedback on his service. (Could)    
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